Be Wowed By Hamilton, the Broadway Musical

The New York Times touts the Broadway musical “Hamilton” as one of the most discussed shows since The Book of Mormon, the religious satire which opened to much critical acclaim in 2011. The Wall Street Journal claims its the hottest ticket in New York City. This play, which showcases the most important aspects of American history, has garnered more accolades than other popular musicals in … Continue reading

The Usage Of Film Studios For Filming Productions

Thomas Edison started the first production studio in the United States. He would produce small films that were later distributed to various theaters. However, he did not have a solid distribution system. Later on, other companies such as universal pictures took up the mantle to create a complete film ecosystem. This led to huge profitability that has defined film in the United States and around … Continue reading

Must visit museum when visiting Chicago, IL

The Field Museum in Chicago, IL, is one of the most outstanding museums in the world. It has successfully maintained its status through its size and high-quality scientific and educational programs together with its artefact collection and extensive scientific specimen. It’s high quality and diverse permanent exhibitions have always attracted a wide range of visitors annually. This being one of the biggest natural history museums … Continue reading

Cats on Broadway Show Returns

Cats on Broadway Show The musical that once took Broadway by storm is set to return. According to the original creator, he got the idea after reading a poem written by T.S. Eliot in a book titled “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’. As soon as he got off the plane that day, he set pen to paper and created one of the most famous … Continue reading

Slava’s Snowshow a performance art show

Slava’s Snowshow Slava’s Snowshow is a performance art show created and performed by Slava Polunin. He is a Russian theatre artist who fuses traditional and contemporary performance arts in clown developing for this show.Slava Polunin is a native of a small town called Novosil which is 225 miles in the south of Moscow. His love for Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin encouraged him to develop … Continue reading

The Oscar Statuette Awards

The Oscar Statuette Awards The Oscar Statuette is a highly coveted trophy that is awarded to the film industry. This award was developed shortly after the creation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 1927, the organization responsible for the creation of the award held a meeting in Los Angeles where it was set up its future goals. Among the agenda of … Continue reading

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